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Ep 44: A Shift To Niche

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Liz High - Nymbus
Liz High, EVP of Strategy and Marketing, Nymbus

“You don’t start with the bank. You start with the customer. And most importantly you start with some really good data.” Liz High, EVP of Strategy and Marketing at Nymbus, recently joined the growing team at the rapidly-scaling financial technology company and can’t believe “this is really her job.” Creating twelve ready-to-launch brands in a matter of months, she and her team are redefining what it means to “build or buy” technology.

Liz talks through the process of identifying, validating, and building a niche to serve. For many technology buyers of the past, the user experience didn’t always align with a thoughtful marketing program. Nymbus is changing that. With their creation of Nymbus Labs, a marketing services group inside Nymbus, Liz and her team work with financial (and non-financial) companies to transform how the identify and go-to-market with a financial brand. It’s a balancing process of finding the niches that stay “true to your roots” while also pulling your financial institution into new customer bases.

Liz and Hunter discussed some of Nymbus’ niche concepts, including Hitched: a financial planning app for couples. As traditional financial institutions look to new communities outside of their immediate geography, finding a focus can be incredibly powerful. Liz and her team work hard to connect new customer bases emotionally to these brands, create a much stronger bond than a traditional financial product relationship.

Dive into the this episode to learn why niche is the new normal.

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More About Liz

For nearly three decades, Liz High has used data and insights to create elevated customer experiences for some of the world’s most enduring brands. As Nymbus’ executive vice president of marketing and strategy, she’s helping accelerate growth for banks and credit unions by reimagining the customer experience through innovative new approaches to products, services, delivery and markets.

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