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Ep. 24: Big Data is a Big Climb, But There’s a Path

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Anne Legg - THRIVE
Anne Legg, Founder, THRIVE Strategic Services

On This Episode

Anne Legg has worked with over 600 credit union leaders and learned a lot along the way. So much so that she wrote a book (Big Data / Big Climb)!

Using the metaphorical thread of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (which for Anne isn’t exactly a metaphor because she’s done it), she created a playbook for thinking about data differently.

“You can buy the coolest [data] tool, but if your people and strategy aren’t strong, it’s just still the coolest [data] tool,” Anne made clear. Most importantly, she breaks down how leadership, culture, and some thoughtful, hard work can really crystalize your data strategy.

Anne was literally jumping during the podcast she was so excited. It’s because she’s that passionate about transforming financial organizations. You’ll want to listen to this ENTIRE show!

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More about Anne

Anne Legg is the founder and principal of THRIVE Strategic Services. THRIVE works with credit unions to create revolutionary member relationships via organizational education, member-centric data strategies, and data maturity. 

She is a recognized credit union business strategist, presenter author, educator with an MBA thesis on the credit union business model as well as two internationally published whitepapers on credit union business strategy. 

Anne has delivered over 100 onsite sessions to over 600 credit union senior leaders across the united states, launching their data journeys. 

She has been a lead instructor at the CUNA Marketing School and has acted as the subject matter expert for CUNA’s Credit Union marketing curriculum. Anne has also been an author to CUNA’s Environmental Scan, The Credit Union industry’s leading strategic planning guide. 

She has also served on various Credit Union Boards, including; CUNA’s Marketing and Business Development Executive Council, MAC, and the California and Nevada Credit Union League Public Advocacy Committee. 

She has received numerous awards including; CMBDC Marketing Professional of the Year, Credit Union Executive Society Rising 100, CO-OP ThinkPrize semi-finalist. She has also been named “A Woman To Watch” By the Credit Union Times. Her work has been published and presented at both the 2012 and 2014 International Cooperative Summit, Making her the only Credit Union professional in the United States to do so. 

In 2019, she climbed the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet, Mt Kilimanjaro. 

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