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Ep. 28: Building a Bank on Better Behaviors

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Zach - HMBradley
Zach Bruhnke, Co-founder and CEO, HMBradley

On This Episode

Zach Bruhnke and team are creating “the best bank in the world if you are saver.” It’s a bold mission, but HMBradley has gained serious momentum in 2020. Featured as a fintech to watch by many outlets, HMBradley doesn’t exactly sound like a bank (although it is technically a bank).

Zach and Hunter discuss the wild road travelled to turn this idea into a functioning bank and how HMBradley serves as an example for what’s possible with a little creativity, courage, and capital.

Our discussion took on some of the largest issues facing the financial sector incumbents today. This is one you won’t want to miss.

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More About Zach

Zach Bruhnke is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur. He built his first software company while attending college in Louisiana and has parlayed that experience into a career (mostly) in Fintech including time as the CTO of Cyndx. Currently, he serves as the Co-Founder & CEO of HMBradley, a technology-first banking platform that aligns itself with the customer by allowing anyone to earn status by what they do (not just what they have), paying consumers up to 3% interest depending on their savings habits.

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