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Ep. 30: The Digital Growth Mindset

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James Robert Lay, CEO, Digital Growth Institute

“Digital transformation” is a phrase du jour right now and, as is the case with any overused phrase, it’s lost some of its meaning amidst the punditry. But James Robert understands the definition and what it means to be an organization focused on “digital growth.”

So much so, he wrote a book: Banking on Digital Growth.

And despite writing the book throughout 2019 (remember life before the pandemic?), the contents of his book are even more relevant in the current and post-COVID world.

We’re moving through a three-stage period right now, according to James Robert: “Triage, Treatment, and Transformation.” He takes us through these three phases and talks through how organizations get into the right mindset (and out of the “cave of comfort”) to fully embrace the transformative period in front of us.

What are real tangible steps to digital growth today? Listen in for great tips from James Robert.

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More about James Robert

James Robert Lay is one of the world’s leading digital marketing authors, speakers, and advisors for financial brands. As a digital anthropologist based in Houston, TX, James Robert is the author of the bestselling book, Banking on Digital Growth. He is also the founder and CEO of the Digital Growth Institute where he has guided more than 520 financial brands on a mission to simplify digital marketing and sales strategies that empower banks and credit unions to generate 10X more loans and deposits.

James Robert has been named one of the Financial Brand’s “Top Global Financial Services Influencers to Follow,” a CUNA “Credit Union Rock Star,” and a CU Times “Under 40 Trailblazer.” His insights have been featured in leading media outlets including Entrepreneur.com, US News and World Report, Quartz, The Financial Brand, American Banker, CU Times, and CU Journal among many others and he frequently speaks at the top industry events and universities around the world.

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