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Ep. 34: Lasagna-As-A-Service

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Cokie Hasiotis - Lasagna Consulting
Cokie Hasiotis, CEO and Founder, Lasagna Consulting

Our latest guest, Cokie Hasiotis, joins the podcast and explains the interesting comparison between the financial services industry and our favorite comfort foods. She discovered America’s banking infrastructure to look like a mess of spaghetti, one that is routed the wrong way with a foundation based on social and economic inequalities. Cokie’s goal is to make an infrastructure resembling a stacked lasagna, and this idea led to Cokie founding the first Banking-as-a-Service consultancy in the United States, aptly named Lasagna Consulting.

She simplifies the definition of Banking-as-a-Service, describing it as “seamless API connectivity to deliver flawless financial products really quickly and really efficiently.” As we move into the era of Fintech 2.0, Cokie explains how we see companies offering “Whatever-as-a-Service” more frequently. Along with streamlining back-end processes to simple API, this era has seen a rise in strategic partnerships between banks and fintechs.

Cokie is looking forward to a transition from geography-based banks to customized banking where communities of affinity can be brought around the same interest. For Cokie, these types of banks will be the type that “build up,” continue to hire thoughtfully, and change the mentality inside their bank to incentivize progression and innovation. Tune in to the latest episode to hear more from Cokie and Hunter discussing Fintech 2.0, BaaS, and digital bank trends.

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More About Cokie

Cokie Hasiotis is the Founder & CEO of Lasagna Consulting, the US’s first and only Banking-as-a-Service consultancy. She recently joined The Block as Chief of Staff and writes weekly for Fintech Today. She has a strong financial services background. In her limited spare time, Cokie enjoys reading, travel, and dismantling the patriarchy.

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