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Ep. 37: Embedding Finance’s Future

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Dov Marmor - Railsbank
Dov Marmor, COO, Railsbank

On This Episode

Dov Marmor discusses his position at Railsbank, a Banking-as-a-Service platform that enables customers to access global banking through their open finance platform and APIs. Dov and the team at Railsbank work to improve the future of embedded finance, and he discusses the value of credit-card-as-a-service and the beauty of simplifying a platform with Hunter.

He compares this platform to a lego set where the pieces are APIs and consumers are given the instruction manual to learn how to build each feature within a credit card experience. Dov explains, “We are teaching customers how to build their own experiences, but we are also powering it with tech and also managing the complex behind the scenes operations to make it all operate.” These various parts can be complex to navigate, so more companies are paying for this simplification and consumers are being offered more fintech apps.

Through the use of fintech apps and partnerships between tech companies and financial institutions, people are being introduced to more personal financial management tools. Dov says that “financial wellness should not be on autopilot,” and through the use of embedded finance, investment and financial wellness tools can be integrated into our daily lives.

From the beginning, Railsbank leaders have possessed a global mindset that has become more powerful in each new country. From this foundation, they have been able to construct their company with an integration that can support a product that works on all of the continents they have launched in. As credit forms the makeup of most spend in the US, Railsbank wants to serve consumer demand with a credit-card-as-a-service focus. Using embedded finance in the credit card ecosystem will allow for tech brands to introduce new products with a customer-centered design.

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More About Dov

Dov Marmor is a Fintech executive with a proven track of building API platform businesses in both startups and multi-billion dollar companies. He currently is COO of North America for Railsbank, a Visa-backed Fintech Platform that allows businesses to prototype, build, and scale any financial use case with a simple suite of APIs. Prior to Railsbank, he led two of the leading B2B Fintech Platforms (Green Dot BaaS and Currencycloud) through exponential YOY growth and built multi-million dollar partnerships with companies like Uber, Intuit, Stash, Wealthfront, and several publicly traded banks.

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